The Network of Christian Museums and Visitable Monuments of Rhodes develops in a decentralized pattern on the island of Rhodes, including museums and monuments located on the coast as well as (in their majority) in the island hinterland, all of which bear the badge of the Metropolitan Network. The choice of the central regional nodes and the composition of local networks was formulated on the basis of criteria relating to the objectives and themes of the Network, accessibility issues and visitor-friendliness, and the possibility of increasing visitor traffic without creating problems to the monuments, etc.

In the near future, you will have the opportunity to access information, to orient yourselves and to learn about all of the network constituents at any point of the network you find yourself, utilizing printed and digital informative media (for instance by means of digital travel guides in pdf format, .through gpx files supporting GPS-based access, through the interactive applications and wi-fi hotspots of the network, etc.) Similar information will be provided on the Network website, which is currently under construction, as well as in scattered spots of high turnout on the island of Rhodes and in other areas.