The main theme the network addresses is 'The history of the Rhodian Church and the culture which was developed on the island around Orthodox worship'. On each node of the network a complete, self-contained story-exhibition will be recounted. This story-exhibition will constitute a section or subsection of the central theme, thus allowing the museological scenario to unfold incrementally in all its nodes.

Current network design envisages that the network will include 11 nodes with 11 complementary individual themes in its full development, and there are proposals for the integration of new nodes and the further enrichment of local networks. The first nodes that have already been completed and are in operation are the Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Tsambika and the Ecclesiastical Museum of Lindos.

  • Panagia Tsambika
    'A pilgrimage of Pan-Orthodox Range'
  • Lindos
    'The Divine Worship, the Holy Church and its Artifacts, and the Ship-owners of Lindos.'

Θεματολογία Κόμβων που είναι υπο σχεδιασμό:

  • Metropolitan Museum
    Ayios Georgios Chourmali, Rhodes
    'The mysteries and the ritual of the Church' and
    'The Diocese of Rhodes over the centuries'
  • Kremasti
    'Miracles and Wonders'
  • Fountoukli
    'The Architecture of the Churches of Rhodes'
  • Tharri
    Iconography, a Mystery-bearing Art
  • Ypsenis
    'Monastic communities and spirituality'
  • Asclepiion
    'The cycle of the Apocalypse'
  • Skiadi
    'Folk religious tradition'
  • Arnitha
    'Oral traditions and beliefs'
  • Mesanagros
    'Early Christian Rhodes'

Each network node includes a section devoted to the central theme of the network, and a second section dedicated to the node-specific theme and its local network. Local networks will include monuments, collections, periodic exhibitions, fairs, events, conferences, seminars, etc. and they will also be highlighted and promoted through the cultural routes found in the "Walk Through Space and Time".