Welcome to the Holy Church of Dormition of Lindos and to the Exhibition of Relics from our Parish Collection.


The Ecclesiastical Museum of Lindos was founded in 1998 by the Parish of Lindos thanks to the efforts of the 4th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities with funding from the Ministry of Culture. The objective of the original exhibition was to preserve and highlight the exquisite relics of the collection, which was curated with particular care by the late archaeologists Elias Kollias and Thodoris Archontopoulos.

Today, fifteen years after that first exhibition, the holy church and the whole building complex emerge through a more anthropocentric museological approach, which attempts to reconnect both physically and conceptually the history of the settlement with the exhibits and spaces of the complex, through the theme of: 'The Divine Worship, the Holy Church and its Artifacts, and the Ship-owners of Lindos.'

The theme is presented through the use of various interpretative instruments, offering visitors and children a pleasant and unique living experience. Thus, during your visit to the complex you may:

  • Listen for 'stories behind the objects'

  • Travel through 'Ship-owners' stories'

  • Avail of interactive programs and applications

  • Search for information on the relics of the collection with the use of QR Codes

  • Participate in educational courses and activities

  • Navigate behind the scenes of the Museum

  • Watch interesting video projections in the multimedia room

  • Discover more information on the museum and its exhibits through the 'Revelation' section

This exhibition is part of the Network of Christian Museums and Visitable Monuments of the Holy Diocese of Rhodes, which is currently under implementation. In the network's nodes 'The history of the Rhodian Church and the culture which was developed on the island around Orthodox worship' is presented in a decentralized pattern.