In the context of the museum strategy for a more effective communication between the museum and children, we designed the educational course of the permanent exhibition, entitled "The call of the sea and the Virgin Mary of Lindos. We set sail with a chest from the church of the Virgin Mary." The course is carried out in age-appropriate formats designed for every level of education, which include targeted activities highlighting issues related to the church, the maritime tradition of Lindos, as well as general issues concerning the manmade and natural environment of the island. The design, planning and implementation of the educational course was curated by Dr. V.Lipa.

The educational course is based on extensive audiovisual material included in a specially designed museum kit. The course is carried out by a museum educator inside the museum premises during scheduled visits, allowing stories and articles to "come alive"! The museum kit is also used as lending material and can be sent to schools, educational institutions and other stakeholders upon request.