Monday - Saturday: 09.00-15.00 & 16.00-18.00
Sunday: 09.00-15.00

In order to avoid overcrowding inside the museum, the flow of visitors is controlled and a number of 20 visitors per museum space has been set as maximum.


Photographing in the museum areas is prohibited.


The museum's educational courses are aimed mostly at various student groups and are adjusted per education level. They are held upon request. For information and enrollment, call: 2244032020.
Read more about the educational courses of the museum by clicking here.


Useful information for people with disabilities and handicaps

You can visit the Holy church of the Dormition of the Virgin through a ramp situated on the northwest gate of the complex, which leads to one of its churchyards. From there, you can enter through the northern door of the annex, accessing the reception and then the nave.

Despite our efforts, the work required to ensure unimpeded physical accessibility for everyone (ramp, lift) has not yet been completed and the main exhibition hall (Hall C) is currently not accessible to people with disabilities. However, the interactive tower situated in the lobby is already fully accessible, granting you access to all the artifacts, interpretive media, information and activities of the museum, through the 'Revelation' section, the 'Digitally augmented exhibition' and all the other sections available.

Relevant information can be found in the digital applications of the multimedia room (Room H). In order to access this part of the building complex, where the toilet for the disabled is also found, you need to enter through the northeastern gate of the complex.


You are currently located in the eastern part of the island, in the center of the village of Lindos, 55 kilometers south of the city of Rhodes. In order to reach the destination of your choice, you may take the national and regional road networks. Alternatively you can use the excursion boats that connect the harbour of Lindos with the Mandraki of Rhodes.

Bus timetables - Useful Phone Numbers

Intercity Coaches & Urban Buses of Rhodes
Tel. (+30) 2241027706, (+30) 2241075134