Since the Ecclesiastical Museum of Lindos constitutes a central peripheral node of the Network of Christian Museums and Visitable Monuments of the Holy Diocese of Rhodes, this node's local network is gradually developed around it, and it is highlighted through the cultural route "A Walk through Space and Time".

Through the "Walk", each of you can approach times long gone in a unique way through the present time. You can compose information and gain living experiences in your own singular way. You will become acquainted with important Orthodox Christian churches of the village and with their history in relation to the history of Lindos and its famous ship-owners. For this very reason, we have included in the route certain visitable captain-houses that belonged to famous ship-owners, as well as a few other important or humble buildings and locations in the village of Lindos, which has been listed as location of preservable heritage. The route will be enriched and evolved on an ongoing basis.

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