The term 'Church' originally meant the totality of Christian believers. Today however, this word is also used to denote the building that houses the rituals and services of Christian worship. Contrary to beliefs of other religions, the Church for Christians is not a House of God, since He, according to the biblical teaching, is a spirit, unlimited by time and space. In other words, God does not need human constructions to exist within them. Church is thus a holy place where believers congregate, not only to perform their religious duties, but also to purge their souls, nurturing their love for God and uniting with him. Thus, their presence at religious ceremonies is not restricted to a passive listening to hymns and Psalms, but it instead becomes active through prayer and penitence.

In Greece, the number of churches which are found in villages and in the countryside, as well as their central position, reflect their significance for the country's Orthodox society. Their small dimensions reflect the views of the Orthodox creed, which perceives God as being close to mankind and highlights Him more as most-gracious and merciful rather than as unrelenting. Besides, it is not accidental that the presence of churches is directly connected with all the life stages of Christians and their most important moments. It is in church that the infant receives the Holy Baptism and becomes a member of the ecclesial community, and later as an adult his or her marriage is blessed in the same place. It is in church that his or her funeral is held when a Christian passes away and the memorial services are held over the following years. Church moreover, always acts as a refuge, a 'lighthouse' for every difficult moment, where man can seek courage and faith to cope with life's challenges, and invoke Divine help.

Nevertheless, since we are in Lindos, a place with great maritime tradition, it would not be pointless to mention that the white countryside chapels which are nestled in the coves and hills of the Greek Islands are also used as navigation beacons, as they can be distinguished from afar inside the Mediterranean landscape.