It operates as a proskynetarion and it is divided into three horizontal zones. These, starting from the upper section, are: the architrave or epistylion, usually housing icons of the Apostles or scenes from 'Dodekaorton', followed below it by the belt containing the 'Despotic' icons that depict Christ, the Baptist, the Virgin Mary and the Saint to whom the church is dedicated. In the lowest part we find the panels, which are decorated with embossed patterns or images from the Old Testament. In the center of this zone we find the iconostasis doors of the Great Gate, namely the central gate that is used exclusively by the priest for his entrance into the sanctuary. Other smaller gates located on the left and right sides of the central one serve the auxiliary persons of functions and services.

Apart from serving as a bearer of holy icons, the iconostasis makes the Sanctuary invisible by the faithful, thus protecting the sanctity of the most important part of the church. The Sanctuary is otherwise known as the 'Holy Altar', because it is there that the mystery of the Eucharist is celebrated, during which the Holy Gifts are transubstantiated into the Body and Blood of Christ.