This is the name given to the ceremonies of divine worship in the Orthodox church, which address the triadic God in a grateful, pleading or praising way. The term 'services' is connected with the fact that they are typically held following a certain standard pattern and repeated at regular intervals, usually before the Divine Liturgy. These briefly are: the Vespers, the Midnight Office, the Matins, and the Hours, which are related to specific hours of the day and night. There are also occasional services held where appropriate on occasions such as weddings, baptisms, water blessings, memorial services, etc. During the services, the faithful are invited to attend what takes place in front of them with reverence and to become personally involved in the services in a spiritual manner through prayer.

The conduct of services, however, requires a number of artifacts, such as various ecclesiastical vessels and holy books. These usually have symbolic significance in addition to the practical requirements they serve in rituals.