The elaborate base that we see here was part of a gilded copper Chalice, which was probably donated by the Grand Magister Pierre d ' Abusson (1476-1503) to Virgin Mary of Lindos. The identity of the donor can be easily confirmed by his coat of arms, which consists of four crosses and is distinguishable in the lower part of the base. The same coat of arms can also be observed carved on limestone above the south narthex entrance over another coat of arms, probably belonging to the Knight Aymer.

Pierre d ' Abusson was one of the most important personalities of the hospitaller period in Rhodes. He played a great role in protecting the island against Ottoman expansion, as he managed to successfully repel the first Turkish siege of 1480. After that event, he made some donations to residents of rural Rhodes, wanting to express his gratitude for their participation in the defense of the island. These donations included the construction of the narthex of this church and the Chalice, part of which is exhibited here. A processional cross which can be seen in the same exhibition space probably belongs in the same category.