Through the "Digital... manuscripts" application you can become acquainted with the manuscript collection of the museum by browsing a digital presentation in book form. The presentation contains selected pages and sections of the manuscripts, highlighting certain parts, as well as handwritten notes or drawings that we encounter on incunabula pages.

The application also presents one of the most unique and valuable artifacts of the Collection of Relics from the Parish of Dormition of Lindos; a hand-written miniaturized code (logged under ΑΓΚ 207) dating back to the 13th-century, which was dedicated to the church of the Virgin of Lindos by Captain Tzanetis in 1642. Visitors are granted full access to the code containing the Four Gospels and the Acts and Letters of the Apostles in digital format. The artifact itself is currently found in the Castelo exhibition, located in the city of Rhodes.