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The main warship of the Greek War of Independence of 1821 was the pyrpoliko (i.e. fire ship). Through it the freedom fighters caused significant damage to enemy ships, managing major victorious attacks against the Turkish fleet. The pyrpoliko was an outdated sailboat, which was smeared with sulfur and tar, and was filled with flammable and explosive materials. The pyrpoliko was attached on a gun port of the enemy ship with the help of iron hooks. Then it was torched and it exploded, setting the enemy ship on fire, while the fire oftentimes spread to its neighboring boats. This foolhardy practice required great coordination from a small crew, which left the pyrpoliko just before it exploded.

Several notable daring pyrpoliko captains emerged during the War of Independence. Among them was Konstantinos Kanaris, who blasted the Turkish flagship in Chios and one dikroto in Tenedos.

Συνθήκη του Κιουτσούκ Καϊναρτζή Το ναυτικό της Δωδεκανήσου στην επανάσταση Το πυρπολικό Το αξιόμαχο ναυτικό