Ayios Georgios Hostos (also known as or Ayios Georgios Kato)

The small church of St. George Hostos, otherwise known as or Ayios Georgios Kato, is found on the northeast edge of Lindos. The church belongs to the domed cross-in-square type and is located in a small enclosure, the floor of which is paved with typical island pebble, the "hohlaki". On its south side, a stone inscription with an epigram of the 2nd century BC testifies that architectural elements from an earlier building were used in its construction.

The decorative murals found inside the church present great interest, since they preserve five layers of frescoes dating back to different periods. The oldest ones of them are found at a low point of the eastern wall and depict two crosses on medals. They date back to the post-Iconoclast period, probably in the 10th or 11th century. The giant impressive frescoes of Saint George the dragon-slayer, and of Archangel Michael the guide of souls which are found on the drum of the northern and southern cross-arms respectively are more recent works dating in the Late Byzantine period (probably the 17th century).