The small domed church of Ayios Minas is similar to that of Ayios Georgios Hostos. Inside it, several fragmentary parts of its once rich frescoes are preserved, from which only a small portion of the murals of the 12th and 15th century survives. The oldest preserved murals include the depictions of the Ascension and of the Hierarchs in the church arch and on the half-cylinder respectively. Also of the same period is the faded Supplication that stands out in the niche of the apse. The remaining frescoes which occupy the vaulting and intrados of the church arches date to the Hospitaller period (15th century). Although they are quite damaged, one can still discern the faces and names of the depicted Saints. Indeed, in the southern vaulting, under a depiction of Christ, there is a fresco of Saint Minas, who is rendered on horseback between angels who cross their hands on their chest as a sign of respect to the Saint.