The church of St. Nicholas "Pano", as it is popularly called by the locals, is located in the center of the village, close to the church of Our Lady of Lindos. It is a vaulted church of the 15th century. Its churchyard boasts a pebbled floor of the "hohlaki" type and a carved stone belfry. The latter is a later addition constructed in 1860, which was built with local limestone from the quarry of the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Psartou. The beautiful iconostasis with vivid colors and carved decoration found inside it was constructed at a later date and it dates back to around the 17th century. Near it, hanging on the north wall, one can observe a portable icon of the honored saint depicted in a painting style similar to that of the icons on the iconostasis. Some 18th-century interventions can be observed on this icon. It is also worth noting that an impressive, ornate wooden candelabrum that belonged to this church is currently on display in the ecclesiastical museum of the Virgin of Lindos.

Saint Nicholas "Pano" is one of the three churches dedicated to the same saint found in Lindos. The particular veneration of its residents for the great patron Saint of the seas is undoubtedly connected with the great maritime tradition of the village.