One of the main objectives behind the establishment of the Communications and Cultural Foundation of the Holy Diocese of Rhodes is to boost communication with visitors and the dissemination of knowledge. Through the use of diverse audiovisual material for different target audiences, the integration of new technologies in every aspect of museum operation, the harmonious, parallel development of printed and digital media, it is envisaged that this setting will cultivate a highly flexible and creative context for the visitors to all the nodes of the network, which will promote better awareness, learning, inspiration and entertainment.

In the near future Info-Points will be installed on all nodes of the network but also in large public turnout points, through which all those interested will be able to obtain information on the Metropolitan Network and its nodes. Similar information will be provided on the Network website (, which is currently under construction) where you will be able for instance to download the digital travel guides of the network in pdf format, .and other informative material such as the gpx files supporting GPS-based access to places of interest. In the individual nodes of the network you will find specially designed interactive applications and rich audiovisual material and interpretative media.