Communications and Cultural Foundation


The Communications and Cultural Foundation (E.M.I.) of the Holy Metropolis of Rhodes is a newly established non-profit institution (2008) that functions as a self-contained and independent private legal entity, and it constitutes the successor of the "Center of the Ecumenical Patriarchate".

The aims of the Foundation, as also illustrated in its 'founding and operation charter', are the pursuit of contemporary ecclesiastical pastoral education and training in the light of Orthodox tradition and the tradition of the Greek Nation, through all the appropriate means of communication, information and education. The main revenues of the foundation come from contributions of the Holy Metropolis of Rhodes and those of its monasteries and its parishes.
The departments of the E.M.I. which have already come into action are:


  • The Publications Department, through the publication of the "Rhodian Leimonarion"

  • The Department of Ecclesiastical Museums, through the creation of a new museum in the Holy Monastery of Tsambika, the re-exhibition of the collection of the Lindos Parish Museum, as well as with the planned operation of a Network of Museums in the Holy Metropolis of Rhodes

  • The School of Byzantine Music, in cooperation with the Association of Cantors of Rhodes

  • The Department of Church Camps, through the organization of camps hosting over 500 children per year.