Ayios Georgios Pahymahiotis

The church of St. George Pahymahiotis is located on the northeast of the village and it belongs to the 'domed cross-in-square-contracted' architectural type. Remains of wall paintings are preserved in two layers in the interior of the church, dating back to the late 14th century, as evidenced by their inscriptions. According to a written inscription on the south side of the front of the arch it was "erected from the ground up and wall-painted" by a priest and his wife Kali (i.e. the good one) in 1394/5. A second inscription, which refers to the Ecumenical Patriarch Antonios IV (1389-1390, 1391-1397), survives under the first one. The church also preserves frescoes on the south wall of the nave with full-body depictions of saints in plush clothing, prelates under arches in the Sanctuary and part of the scene of the Ascension in the vault, as well as a later giant depiction of St. George on horseback dating from the 19th century, which is a work of a hagiographer from Symi.